AR Cloud Pretia releases iOS version of 3D Scanner App, Enabling 3D map creation on both Android and iOS

Pretia Technologies Inc., the researcher and developer of AR Cloud Platform “Pretia” led by CEO Yu Ushio (head office: Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, hereafter referred to as “Pretia Technologies”), announced the release of 3D Scanner Application for iOS. This application is  dedicated to AR cloud platform “Pretia” equipped with VPS and multi-player. 

Together with the originally released Android version, this enables spatial scanning and 3Dmap creation on both operating systems.

Official site:

■ “Pretia” AR Cloud Platform from Japan to Global

Pretia is an AR cloud platform that makes it easy to develop location based and multi-player AR experiences, by providing a VPS (Visual Positioning System) that can accurately place AR content in real world locations, and multi-player that allows multiple people to engage in the same AR experience at the same time.

It also has many features to solve common AR development challenges such as precise object positioning and off-site testing.

After the launch of ARCore and ARKit, Pretia started researching algorithms and developing services in 2018. We began offering closed beta access in October 2021 and released the service publicly and globally on April 26, 2022.

Currently, about three months have passed since the service was released, and the number of users from Japan as well as from overseas is steadily increasing.

■ About iOS version 3D Scanner App


  • iOS11.0~
  • ARkit support

*Available for smartphones both with and without LiDAR.

How to download

  • Register your Pretia account
  • Install testflight on your device if you have not already
  • Click the Testflight link in the Developer Console
  • Download the app from Testflight

■ About Pretia

How to register

Pretia official site. 


Unity: 2020.3 LTS, 2019.4 LTS, 2021.3 TECH

iOS: 11.0 or later, A9 or later processor, ARkit support

Android:7.0 or higher, ARCore support


Free for individual use and test by enterprise.For business use, please contact us from .