Pretia joins the MLIT Project “PLATEAU”

Pretia Technologies Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo; CEO: Yu Ushio; hereafter “Pretia”) has participated in the “Development of VPS Optimized for 3D Urban Models v3.0” project, a part of the nationwide Japanese urban digital twin initiative “PLATEAU” promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Pretia has developed a system that utilizes existing 3D model data to estimate its own location.

About “Development of VPS Optimized for 3D Urban Models v3.0”

This project aims to develop a highly accurate self-location estimation system by integrating 3D urban models with a Visual Positioning System (VPS), targeting various industries including mobility, such as autonomous driving. Pretia has built a system that matches point clouds generated from 3D urban models and point clouds generated in real time from camera images captured by smartphones, using its proprietary “PretiaVPS” originally developed and provided as an AR application for smartphones.

Research and Development Results

Based on the aforementioned development, we have been working on the development of a smartphone-based service for users, focusing on the development of an AR navigation app. The application implements AR navigation that shows pop-ups of stores and navigation routes on the user’s display screen based on the user’s location data, validating the usefulness of VPS technology.

For a detailed report released by PLATEAU, visit:

Future of Development

Traditional VPS technology required the use of a dedicated scanner to create a spatial map beforehand, which significantly contributed to the overall costs of map creation and maintenance, thereby posing a major barrier to the development of services including AR. The technology developed in this project enables the use of VPS functions without needing to create new spatial maps, by utilizing customers’ existing 3D data such as BIM and point clouds acquired through LiDAR sensors. This advancement is expected to facilitate the use of VPS not only in autonomous driving and AR navigation but also in linking digital data owned by companies to physical spaces, enhancing the efficiency of on-site safety management and facility management.

Moving forward, Pretia will continue to improve its core VPS and other computer vision technologies, offering them as a platform to support the digital transformation (DX) of various companies.

Companies interested in learning more about this research are encouraged to contact us at (Contact: Tanaka).

Pretia Technologies, Inc. Company Overview

With the mission “empower collaborative achievement,” we are engaged in the research and development of AR technology, including Pretia Instant AR, and the development and provision of various industrial solutions utilizing AR technology. We have an R&D organization for AR-specific algorithms and spatial computing experiences, leveraging those outcomes to provide platform services.

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