AR pet-walking app “Animal Pal” released in 173 countries

Pretia Technologies announces the release of the AR pet-walking app “Animal Pal” for 173 countries and regions. 

■ About Animal Pal

“Animal Pal” is an app where players can keep and walk pets anywhere in the world with the power of AR. Players can enjoy the experience of having their very own pet even in households or properties where pets are not allowed.

When the game begins, players will have pets without any “words” alongside them. You can then begin collecting “words” inside cards that can be found in places such as your room or the park.

Players can not only keep pets, but also raise them by collecting “words” written inside cards to create “messages”.

After collecting “words”, your pet will put together memories from your daily lives into a “letter”.

Letters can be traded between players. Enjoy walking and playing with your pet.

■ What “Animal Pal” Aims For

“Animal Pal” aims to utilize AR to provide a digital experience that affects reality, something that had been difficult for casual games to provide up until now. We believe that the connection with reality will create new entertainment in players’ daily lives, and have a positive effect on living in reality.

Additionally, we believe that communication built upon “Animal Pal” will be made between users and pets, as well as between users and users. Our mission is to provide collaborative joy, and we wish for many people to experience this through playing “Animal Pal”.

※ Please be aware of your surroundings while playing in order not to disturb others.

■ Details of Animal Pal 

・Release date

・Price: Free

・URL to download app



※Smartphones must support ARCore, ARKit